CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — A sixth Little Free Library is now open in Conway with the goal of giving kids an opportunity to continue reading outside of school.

“Knowledge is power… so reading and getting kids out… so I said, you know, I’m gonna start this little library,” said Charlotte Beckman-Ortiz, who worked with Create Conway to start the library in the Tiger Grand Community.

Barbara Streeter, a board member for Create Conway, said she thinks the library can help improve children’s literacy outside of school.

“I think it will help the kids in all different neighborhoods that don’t get to go to the library during the summer increase their reading,” she said.

Kids seemed excited about the library.

“All the books we get to read during the summer,” said Felix, a child in the neighborhood.

Some kids are assigned to read a certain number of books throughout the summer. One kid in the Tiger Grand community said the new library will be a big help.

“If you read 12 or something, you can get a sundae and pizza party, and the library thingy would help me find new books because you can’t read books you’ve already read,” he said.

Some younger kids enjoy the challenge of reading new books.

“{I like} that we can sound out words and do all of the cool things,” said Flynn.

Beckman-Ortiz said she plans to add a note box for kids to write to her about what they read, what they want to read or anything they want.

“I’m excited! I really am,” Beckman-Ortiz said. “I’m just so happy and I’m glad for the kids. I think it’s gonna be something fun for them. It’s gonna get them out.”

Learn more about Little Free Libraries here.