CONWAY S.C. (WBTW) — Plans for a new strip mall and laundromat are in the works for Conway.

Rezoning requests have been submitted to the city for approval.

Back in 2021, Your Neighborhood Child Development Center owner Keith Skinner submitted a rezoning request to expand his center to the property across the street from his existing daycare. Now he’s looking to turn that area into a laundromat.

On Creel Street, Skinner said he originally planned to put up a gymnasium for the kids at the center across the street, but after surveying the surrounding residents, he found they wanted something different — a laundromat.

Skinner said some of the residents in the area don’t have cars and find it very difficult to travel to the laundromat on Highway 701 and Highway 378. Skinner said if this project gets approved, all they would need to do now is walk down the street.

“We wanted to do something for the community too, you know, help them and then in return have everything cohesively coming together to go on with our future plans for having our additional daycare after school area,” Skinner said.

A new strip mall could be coming to the Conway as well.

An applicant has submitted a rezoning request to the city to turn a vacant lot on Shoffner Road into a strip mall. The applicant is looking to build at least five retail shops in strip-center design.

One Conway resident told News13 she’s not opposed to the change, but wishes more companies would revitalize existing areas in town instead of building something completely new.

Stacey Brazell, of Conway, said in a statement:

“I believe that our community has the potential to revitalize a lot of the empty spaces and areas within town if the right companies would come in and give our city the opportunity. Our city’s population is booming with the influx of new residents moving into town, it’s bringing a lot of money that can boost our local economy, and yet we still need to travel to Myrtle Beach for certain stores or services. Many people, including myself, have expressed the need for more grocery stores, laundry mats, and child-friendly areas,” Brazell said.

She also said areas like this old Kmart and Walmart can be repurposed for those businesses instead of new buildings.

The public hearing for the laundromat is set for Aug. 4 during the planning commission meeting.

The first reading for the strip mall is on Aug. 1 at the city council meeting.