CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Thursday marks three years since the tragic double murder of a young mother and daughter on Suggs Street in Conway.

Residents in the area said they were surprised to hear that it’s been nearly three years. Many of them said it feels like it was just yesterday.

“It was shocking, very shocking,” one resident in the neighborhood said.

Tasjunique Graham, 23, and her 3-year-old daughter, Bailey Simon, were shot in their home in 2020.

“I could not believe that they shot that baby,” one neighbor said. “Yeah, that baby. Innocent. Both of them.”

Conway police responded to the call at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 28, 2020. Graham was found dead, and Simon was rushed to a hospital where she died two days later.

“And all I remember was all the cars parked down the road. Yeah, I’m like, where the people coming from all of a sudden, you know what I’m saying?” One neighbor recalled. “Because the fact is, you wouldn’t expect that time. Something happened at [that] time of day.”

To this day, Conway police have not made any arrests in the case, but Police Chief Dale Long said they have never stopped looking for the person responsible.

“It’s not a cold case for us. It is, unfortunately, it is a stale case,” Long said. “Because we just don’t have the information coming in that we would love to have come in.”

Long said the $10,000 reward is still being offered by the FBI for anyone who has information that leads to an arrest.

“Every tip, even if it doesn’t lead us to the conclusion we’re looking for, which is justice for the family, it might eliminate a pathway so that we don’t have to spend time and resources,” he said. “So, everything is part of a bigger puzzle.”

“The neighbors here, we don’t know what happened,” a neighbor said. “But somebody should have saw something. That’s right. I mean, I can go in and out and even if y’all aren’t standing here right or not. Somebody saw something, y’all.”

An entire investigation room is dedicated to the case. The walls are lined up with pictures and timelines that officials have gathered throughout the years.

That’s not to mention the multiple large binders filled with search warrants and investigative leads.

“The importance to us is that until we are able to find, you know, who is responsible for this, we will not rest,” Long said. “It’ll happen. At some point in time, we will get the break that we need. And we will be able to advance this case when we will be regulated for justice for this family.”

Long is challenging the Conway community to not let the case slip away as faded memory.

Because for the family of Graham and Simon, it is something they will never be able to forget.

* * *

Savannah Denton joined News 13 in July 2023 as a reporter and producer. Savannah is from Atlanta, Georgia, and is a graduate of the University of Alabama. Follow Savannah on X, formerly Twitter, and read more of her work here