Booming noises in Horry County were from man shooting high powered rifle at ‘sonic boom’ targets

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Police investigated several “booming” noises in Horry County after about a hundred complaints, according to the Horry County Police Department.

The noises were reported in the unincorporated areas of Horry County near Highway 65 outside of Conway on Sunday.

Police said a man was using exploding targets during target practice. While driving to the area, police said the dispatcher advised them complaints were coming in from Adrian Highway all the way over to the Carolina Forest area.

An offier was familiar with complaints in the past of a man shooting high powered rifles and Tannerite, which are legal exploding targets, in the area, according to the report. When police arrived at the man’s home off Long Avenue Extension right off of Hwy 65, they asked him if he was shooting his rifles.

Police said the man immediately asked if that was illegal. “I explained that it was not
illegal to shoot, and then explained that we had received numerous calls about the noise,” the officer wrote in the report. The man said he was shooting “Sonic Boom,” which are also legally exploding targets, with a rifle, according to the report.

The man told police he fired three shots at the “Sonic Boom” targets in the woods on his property. Police said they had received numerous calls and needed to investigate the complaints.

Due to the number of emergency calls, about 100 calls from different parts of the county, police said they decided to charge the man with disturbing the peace. The person’s name has not been released.

Police “made the decision that due to the circumstances, and the Arrestee’s disregard for the peace and tranquility of the public, that he would be issued a courtesy summons for breach of

There is no risk to the public, according to police.


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