Crime scene investigators testify on day 6 of Tammy Moorer’s trial

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW)- Week two of Tammy Moorer’s trial started with 5 witnesses taking the stand. She is being tried in connection to the 2013 disappearance of Heather Elvis. Witnesses testified Monday to evidence found in Heather Elvis’ car and the Moorer home.

Lt. Peter Cestare, a crime scene investigator took the stand Monday. He testified to going to the Moorer’s home on December 20th 2013, two days after Heather Elvis’ disappearance. He took photos of the Moorer home and testified he saw this in front of a camper on their property

“A shot gun shell casing, there is a bag of concrete mix, and off to the side up here is some sort of cleaning solution,” said Lt. Cestare.

Lt. Cestare also testified to seeing a security cameras inside and outside of the Moorer’s home on December 20th. Bud Henry, an employee of Sam’s Club testified to the Moorer’s buying a DVR and cameras the very next day.

“If someone was trying to hide that they were buying something they could go to Walmart or any other store and pay cash and walk out the door with it right?,” said Defense attorney Greg McCollum.

Jill Domogauer, a crime scene investigator testified she found Heather’s id, social security card, bank card and a cosmetology license in her car,  but she did not find Heather’s car keys or cell phone.

Domogauer went to Heather’s apartment which had no sign of forced entry. She found a pregnancy test box in the trash in the guest bathroom of her apartment. 

The defense brought up that a pack of cigarettes were found in heather’s car, but noted Tammy’s finger prints were not.

Domogauer testified to items brought in from the Horry County Police evidence locker from the Moorer’s home and the Cason’s home, who are Tammy’s parents. Some items shown to the jury include 3 phones, a computer tower, and a DVR recorder.

The defense asked if any DNA of Heather’s was found in the Moorer’s home. Domogauer said no. During redirect, the prosecution pointed out Domogauer searched the Moorer’s home in February, two months after Heather went missing.

Testimony is start again Tuesday morning.

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