Testimony continues in Sidney Moorer’s retrial for the kidnapping of Heather Elvis

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Opening statements and witness testimony began in Sidney Moorer’s retrial on Tuesday.

Moorer is the man charged in connection to the 2013 disappearance of Heather Elvis.

The state argues that Heather Elvis and Sidney Moorer had an affair, that Heather believed she may have been pregnant and Sidney and his wife, Tammy Moorer, conspired and kidnapped Heather Elvis.

During opening statements, the defense argues there is no physical evidence that says Sidney Moorer committed the kidnapping.

The state called three of Heather’s coworkers from the Tilted Kilt to the stand. All testified that Heather and Moorer were in a romantic relationship, and that he would frequently visit her at work.

They told the jury Heather took a pregnancy test at work before her disappearance, which came back in error. They added she started gaining weight and had to get new work uniforms because her old ones were too small.

The coworkers spoke about a prank other Tilted Kilt employees played on Heather where they called her work and pretended to be Sidney’s wife, Tammy Moorer. They testified the prank scared and upset Heather, and she had to leave work early that day.

During cross examinations, the defense asked the coworkers if Heather was dating any other men before her disappearance. Her coworkers said they weren’t aware of any other romantic relationships besides Moorer.

The state called Ryan Mitt to the stand, who verified Heather’s cell phone records. Mitt told the jury about the hundreds of calls and texts between Heather and Moorer from July to December 2013.

Mitt testified that Heather called Moorer’s phone once in December 2013. Then, Heather received a phone call from a number she had never interacted with before, and she spoke on the phone for a few minutes. Mitt then said Heather called that same number again nine times in a row the morning she disappeared.

The state then called Stephen Scharldi, the man Heather went on a date with the night before her disappearance, to the stand. He testified that he went home after his date with Heather.

Heather’s roommate and best friend, Briana Warrerlmann testified that Heather and Sidney were in a romantic relationship until November 2013.

During cross examination, Warrerlmann told the jury Heather had a physical relationship with a man named Jerry who worked at the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach in December 2013.

Horry County police officer, Casey Guskiweicz testified he patrolled Peach Tree Rd. the night Heather disappeared.

The state then showed the jury a recreated dashboard camera video of where Guskiweicz found Heather’s car at Peach Tree boat landing.

Day two of Sidney Moorer’s retrial will begin Wednesday.


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