CONWAY, SC (WBTW)- Day two of testimony in Tammy Moorer’s trial continued Wednesday. Tammy Moorer is being tried for kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap in the case of 2013 missing woman Heather Elvis. Elvis’ body was never found, but police believe the 20 year old to be dead.

A friend of Tammy Moorer took the stand Wednesday morning, and the jury listened to detailed testimony regarding phone records.

Laura Garlitz, whose son was friends with one of the Moorer children, testified the family came to her home the Saturday before Heather Elvis went missing in 2013. 

She said they came over to show off a new truck they just bought. 

She testified Tammy appeared to have been drinking, and that Tammy said she wanted to smoke marijuana. 

She also testified Tammy spoke to her about Sidney and Heather’s affair after Heather went missing, said Tammy admitted to having a boyfriend herself. 

Garlitz also testified Tammy sent her son a Facebook message.

“She said something like him not being loyal to them, but I never talked to him about it,” said Garlitz.

The prosecution brought up details of phone records. They called Jessica Cooke back to the stand to testify to having Elvis’ phone number.

A witness with Frontier Communications who dealt with pay phones testified a phone call came from a pay phone on Mr. Joe White Avenue on Decemeber 18th, 2013 at 1:33 a.m., the day Heather Elvis went missing. Testimony showed the pay phone called a phone number the state previously identified as Heather Elvis’, and that phone call lasted 4 minutes and 50 seconds.

The prosecution called Mike Melson to the stand who is an expert witness when it comes to analyzing cell phone data, and gave extensive testimony when it comes to where Heather Elvis, Sidney and Tammy Moorer’s phones pinged on cell towers for months ,and the day Heather Elvis’ went missing.

Melson testified that data shows on the night of December 17th into the early morning hours of Decemeber 18th, when Heather Elvis went missing, that Sidney and Tammy Moorer were together.

He goes into great detail where they went to that night and testified that around 1:30 in the morning on December 18th, the Moorer’s cell phones pinged a tower in the area where a payphone called Heather Elvis’ phone. A call Heather received at 1:33 a.m. 

Melson said Heather Elvis then leaves her home and goes to Longbeards where she called that pay phone number back 90 times. He said Heather then went back to her house and called Sidney Moorer’s phone.. The call was picked up at 3:17 in the morning and lasted 4 minutes. Heather then went to the Peachtree boat landing and called Sidney Moorer. The last call from her phone was 3:41 in the morning. 

The prosecution asked Melson, “Did you ever see her cell phone use the tower by Peachtree landing before the 18th?” Melson answered no.

The defense questioned the tracking of cell phone data.

“You don’t track people you track phone numbers,” said defense attorney Greg McCollum.

McCullom asked Melson, “So you don’t really know what happened to her?”

Melson said, “Not from phone records no.”

Roxanne Love, a former SLED agent took the stand. She testified as part of her investigation, she went to Walmart on Seaboard St. to get surveillance footage of Sidney Moorer at the store hours before Heather Elvis went missing. Surveillance footage of Moorer was played for the jury, and Sindey Moorer’s receipt was read in court.

“He purchased a pregnancy test and a LTL cigar,” said Love.

Brian Wilson with the Horry County Police Department testified showing surveillance footage from a pay phone from the Kangaroo Express on Mr. Joe White Avenue that called Heather Elvis’ phone around 1:30 on December 18th, 2013. The footage doesn’t show a car just head lights and someone walking to the pay phone and using it for about 5 minutes.

Carmen Rodriguez with the Horry County Sheriff’s Office testifies to a meeting she had with Tammy  Moorer when she came to follow up on complaints of harrassment. The court played a recording of their conversation that Rodriguez said Tammy willinily gave. In the recording, Tammy discusses the last 6 phone calls on Heather Elvis’ phone.

“She told me she heard Heather’s voice on the phone call so she knew it was her,” said Rodriguez.

The defense argued that anyone could’ve gotten Heather and called the last number on her phone several times to change the spotlight of suspicion. Rodriguez testified that during the conversation Tammy took a picture of evidence Rodriguez found.

“A key that was found in Heather’s car belonged to a hotel room that they had rented together because it was in his name,” said Rodriguez.

The defense argued that Tammy said her and Sidney had an open marriage not causing a jealous rage, but the prosecution painted a different picture from Tammy’s Facebook post.

Tammy Moorer’s trial continues Thursday morning.