Day 4 of testimony in Sidney Moorer retrial for kidnapping of Heather Elvis

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UPDATE: Jill Domogauer, a crime scene investigator with the Horry County Police Department, took the stand on Thursday. She testified to processing Heather Elvis’ car, where she says she found no blood nor sign of struggle.

Domogauer said she searched Elvis’ apartment, where she found a pregnancy test box but not an applicator in a bathroom trashcan. She also showed the jury several items that were taken from the Moorers’ home, including several cell phones and devices.

The defense argued Domogauer’s investigation did not collect enough DNA evidence or process items properly.

 The prosecution argued at that point, the investigation was a missing person case with no sign of a crime.

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW)- Testimony continued in Sidney Moorer’s re-trial. He is facing kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap charges in connection to the 2013 disappearance of Heather Elvis.

The prosecution called multiple members of law enforcement to the stand where phone records dominated much of Wednesday’s testimony.

Officers who first responded to finding Heather Elvis’ abandoned car at Peachtree Landing took the stand.

KC Cantebury with the Horry County Police Deparment said there was so sign of foul play at Peachtree Landing, but there were also no keys or purse found in the car.

During cross examination, the defense points out no pictures were taken of the outside or inside of the car when it was intially found at the landing.

Danny Furr and KC Cantebury with Horry County Police and former HCPD officer Jon Martin all testified there were inconsistenicies with Sidney’s story of when he last spoke with Heather Elvis.

Cantebury testified Moorer told him he had not spoken to Heather on the phone since October, but testified that phone records show one of the last number’s on Heather Elvis’ phone was Sidney’s.

The prosecution called Amanda Nigro to the stand. She provided phone records that show a payphone located on Mr. Joe White Avenue in Myrtle Beach called Heather Elvis’ phone just at 1:33 in the morning on December 18th, 2013 just a few hours before her disappearance.

During the investigation into Heather Elvis’ disappearance Jon Martin, who was an officer with HCPD at the time, was responsible to obtain phone records and assist with interviews.

While Martin was on the stand, the jury listened to an audio recording of Martin interviewing Sidney. During the recording, Sidney initially lies about calling Elvis from the payphone, but then admits that he called her to tell her to leave him alone.

Martin testified prior to the payphone call there was no contact in the month of December 2013 between Heather and Sidney.

“I thought it was odd during the interview that there was no contact, no contact, no contact, then there was a phone call, and now she’s stalking him. He didn’t mention any of those notes, or any of the drives by the house. It’s nope I haven’t seen her or talked to her and then it’s oh I did call her and she’s stalking me,” said Martin.

Roxanne Love with SLED testified to getting surveillance footage from Walmart on Seaboard Street in Myrtle Beach.

She said the surviellance footage shows Sidney Moorer’s truck park and Sidney going inside Walmart. Love testified that she obtained the receipt from Sindey’s purchase which shows he bought a pregnancy test and a cigar.

Love said Moorer bought that at at 1:19 in the morning on December 18th, 2013.

Testimony from amanda nigro shows a payphone number called heather Elvis’ phone at 1:33 in the morning, and that call lasted about five minutes.

Brian Wilson, a detective with HCPD took the stand and testified to getting surviellance video from the Circle K on Mr. Joe White Avenue and Seaboard Street that shows a person using a pay phone for about five minutes.

Michael Nelson, the CEO of Hawk Analytics, a software company that maps out phone records testified that he anaylzed, Sidney and Tammy Moorer’s phones and Heather Elvis’ phone.

He said those records do not give exact locaton of a phone, but can determine a general area it was used.

Nelson testified the last calls from Heather’s phone were to Sidney’s phone in the area of Peachtree Landing just after 3:30 the morning of December 18th, 2013.

The defense questions the accuracy of Nelson’s analysis arguing that it doesn’t give an exact location or address.

Testimony continues Thursday morning.

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