Dog found burned, emaciated gets adopted, shelter in Georgetown Co. says

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HEMINGWAY, SC (WBTW) –  A dog found burned and emaciated has been adopted, a shelter in Georgetown County said. 

Saint Frances Animal Center shared the news of Chester’s adoption on Facebook

“Thank you, to everyone who cheered him on; who generously donated for his care; who visited him (and filled him with yummy treats!); who mailed him toys and brought him beds and blankets. You lifted him up. You lifted us up. You made sure he got the life and love he deserved all along, and you reminded us that kindness always triumphs over cruelty,” the post said. 

Chester arrived at the shelter on February 11 “covered in intentionally-inflicted chemical burns all over his head, flank, and leg,” the post also said. “The wounds were so extensive, we feared he wouldn’t make it. He trembled in pain – but he also wagged his tail, to let us know his spirit was ready for the fight.”

Chester’s foster family officially adopted him six weeks later, according to the post. 

“Though we haven’t been able to bring justice to the person or persons who hurt Chester, we know this: your love, your compassion, your care won in the end. And he will only ever know that love and care for the rest of his life,” the post also said. 

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