Downtown Myrtle Beach restaurants are understaffed and hiring

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach restaurant managers are working to catch up on filling payroll before the weekends get busier.

Brian Gregory is the general manager of Rip Tydz on Ocean Boulevard. He says seasonal help is usually hired in February and March, but this year their doors were closed.

“Unfortunately right before everything started we were doing our major hiring. I had interviews set up left and right and unfortunately now that everything is back it is extremely difficult to find employees,” said Gregory.

Winter staff has returned to work and are making good money.

“All of my staff came back because they know they’re going to make more money than what the government is offering on unemployment,” said Gregory.

But Gregory says he needs more help.

“The longer people hold off and still collect that unemployment they’re not going to have a job come the off season when they’re going to need it the most,” said Gregory.

Amy Leftis owns the Pan American Pancake House on South Kings Highway. She says she is also hiring.

Leftis says she usually hires J-1 students for seasonal help, but this year they may not be an option.

“I think Myrtle Beach might have a little issue. We’re going to miss them. Not only their help, but their diversity. We learn a lot from them as well as they learn from us. So I will miss probably not having some of the J-1 students this year. I think that’s going to be an added challenge and we’re going to have to hire some more people,” said Leftis.

Pan American is hiring in both the front and back of house positions.

New hires are adjusting to new guidelines and wearing PPE.

“Everything on the tables are empty. Everything has to be brought out in single servings. So that’s extra added steps and things for them to remember,” said Leftis.

Managers ask those interested to apply soon, because the positions will not be around for forever.

Other restaurants looking for help are Mr. Rolls and Tin Roof both located on Ocean Boulevard, as well as Melt located in the Market Common.

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