Dozens march through North Myrtle Beach in protest of police brutality

Grand Strand

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – On Tuesday a crowd of protesters stopped people on Main Street in their tracks.

Dozens met in North Myrtle Beach to demonstrate for the justice of those impacted by police brutality in the United States.

Protests across the country have turned violent in recent days, but North Strand protesters focused on peace and understanding.

“The reason why I’m out here is to change the narrative of how we communicate with law enforcement and vise versa,” said protester Curtis Wilson.

North Myrtle Beach police asked to join the demonstration and led protesters in prayer before marching.

“When I was going into it I was very scared, because of what is happening all across the country. But the fact that we came together and we shared peace and we shared love to create a message that was beautiful. We made such a beautiful thing happen today. I feel liberated. I’m so happy that I was a part of this,” said protester Destiny Gore.

Police escorted the crowd throughout the city in parade fashion.

Cruiser lights flashed as police cars guided the front of the demonstration, while also protecting the back end.

Traffic was stopped as crowds entered intersections.

Not once did the march come to a halt.

People peered through windows, honked from cars, and came out of their homes to watch the march go by.

Officers also marched with protesters and engaged in conversations of understanding.

“We condemn what happened in Minneapolis. That is a tragedy. We consider that murder. There is no question about that,” said director of public safety, Jay Fernandez.

Some who protested in Myrtle Beach on Sunday say the demonstration in the North Strand felt different.

Mia Angelo marched at both protests and says the actions of North Myrtle Beach police felt genuine.

She says tension grew with Myrtle Beach police and protesters felt restricted to sidewalks.

“The difference is huge. I feel like [police] really stood with us to allow us to be in the streets,” said Angelo.

Both police and protesters say peaceful protests like this is what other city’s should strive for.

Another peaceful protest is planned for Sunday at 2 p.m. at Grand Park in the Market Common.

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