Family and friends celebrate the life of Grand Strand firefighter Rob Shubert

Grand Strand

Friends and family of Murrells Inlet-Garden City firefighter Rob Shubert celebrated his life at Island Bar and Grill in Surfside Beach Thursday night.

When you ask Matthew Piontkowski to name one of the best times he spent with his co-worker Rob Shubert, he smiles.

“I don’t know if I can really say that,” he said. Piontkowski worked alongside Shubert for nearly six years. “We did a lot of work, a lot of fires together, and we always had a good time. Kicking in doors, kicking butt, taking names, he said. “That’s just what we always did, and that’s what we were all about, great times.”

All proceeds from the three hour event went to Shubert’s family, to help pay for funeral expenses after his death last month in an off-duty motorcycle crash.

“As a very caring, motivated person, and he was very straightforward,” he said.

As straightforward as they come, Piontkowski says, and decorated too.

Shubert’s uncle says Shubert was awarded a Purple Heart for his service as a Marine in Afghanistan.

“I thought for sure he’d be on the SWAT team, but he, he made a good Marine, served our country well,” said Dan Carey, Shubert’s uncle.

Originally from New York, Shubert made a life as a firefighter and EMT along the Grand Strand.

“I was always proud of Robbie, you know, the way he grew up to be a young man and all, but you know, I was really impressed more when I found out all of the special things he’s done,” Carey said.

Carey says Shubert served two tours as a Marine, one in Afghanistan and the other in Iraq.

As a firefighter, he fought fires in Georgetown County, Murrells Inlet-Garden City, and volunteered for Horry County Fire Rescue.

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