Family mourns father of two, seeking answers for senseless murder

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A Myrtle Beach family is looking for answers after a missing father of two was found dead.

36-year-old Arnold Bennett was last seen alive on August 4. Witnesses say they saw Bennett running away from his car that was parked on Livingston Circle in Little River.

A missing persons report was filed August 7.

“It’s just been hard. We’ve been out posting flyers. Doing everything we could,” said Bennett’s girlfriend, Sierra Fugate.

On August 13 police located human remains off of Sandridge Road in Little River. About seven minutes away from where Bennett’s car was found.

On Tuesday Darrell Land of Blythwood was charged with murder in connection to Bennett’s death and police identified the remains found on Sandridge as Bennett’s.

“Why? Why would you kill him? Why would you do this to him? What was your reason to do this to him?,” said Fugate.

Bennett was a father of two.

Fugate says their three-month-old son, Arnold Jr., was born just six days before Bennett’s death.

Bennett also leaves behind his two-year-old daughter Camille.

“He was loved and would give the shirt off his back for anyone. He loved his family,” said Cori Slocum, the mother of Bennett’s daughter.

“Darrell Demarcus Land is going to have to answer to an angry mob at this point. He better have a good reason for what he did,” said Slocum.

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