MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A family vacation to Myrtle Beach turned violent over the weekend at Ocean Lakes Campground, sending a teenager to the hospital after a fight on the beach.

Horry County police are investigating a fight that sent one teenager to the hospital Friday night. News13 spoke with the teen’s parents who said the trip will now come with haunting memories.

A police report says about 100 kids were on the beach that night, many of them doing football drills. What’s concerning about the fight, parents said, is that one of the kids who was hurt was jumped by a group of adult men.

“They were like ‘it’s going to be the biggest party of the week, it’s just [going to] be fun,'” said Danny Rising, the father of Davis — one of the people attacked.

Friday marked the final night of vacation for the Rising family. Originally from Spartanburg, they spent a week at Ocean Lakes Family Campground. The week ended with Davis being rushed to Grand Strand Medical Center.

“Busted up mouth, behind his ears were all swollen up and everything,” Danny Rising said. “His ears were black and blue and swollen up.”

Davis, who is 16, is seen in a video with a busted nose from the fight. What started out as competitive rounds of football drills, turned into a fight that included Davis and his friend Nick Hofer.

“It was where they would like sit down or lay down on the beach and then get and run towards each other and try to knock one another down,” said Nick’s mother, Susan Maynord.

Maynord said she’s glad her son walked away with only bruises.

“Kids shouldn’t have to be scared to go out and have a good time on the beach,” Maynord said.

The police report shows Davis was hit in the face with a beer can and bit on the left side of his face. Eventually he was knocked unconscious. This came after Davis allegedly tried to deescalate a situation between Nick and another guy.

Both parents believe one of the guys who started the fight was an adult.

“They’re obviously not teenagers,” Rising said. “I mean one of them had a wedding band on, the other one fully tattooed, looks like military.”

Rising told police there are four men who should be held responsible.

“They told us that another 16-year-old had got jumped on by the same people — with that description at least,” Rising said.

That incident allegedly happened two days before this fight. It’s a trend these families don’t want to see continue.

All kids involved are expected to be OK. The Horry County Police Department is working to identify the people seen in the video.

News13 has reached out to Ocean Lakes Campground for comment and are waiting to hear back.