HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Before getting a COVID-19 vaccine, South Carolina DHEC is asking if you’ve recently had cosmetic work done.

Dermal fillers are a substance injected into the skin to smooth wrinkles. A noninvasive cosmetic procedure that people of all age groups participate in.

A Moderna vaccine clinical trial with more than 15,000 people resulted in three cases of mild reactions from patients with dermal filler.

“There still have been some unofficial reports of some swelling around dermal filler, but it is still quite rare,” said Dr. Holly Glover M.D. at Grand Strand Dermatology.

Officials say mild swelling and redness can form around dermal fillers when immune systems are heightened.

Similar cases have been reported with other vaccines.

“When you get the influenza vaccine or any other vaccine you can have a local response to dermal fillers. It’s just not talked about, because we’re focused on COVID right now. That’s why it’s coming out as an outlier at this point,” said Sarah Weaver, family nurse practitioner at Aesthetics at Southern.

Doctors say most reactions would be noticed within 48 hours, but are not allergic reactions.

“It is not an infection. It is not an allergic reaction. It is just an inflammatory reaction. An immunological response to that vaccine. It does not mean the vaccine’s not going to work. It does not mean that something’s wrong with the dermal filler. It’s just that patient’s immune system reacting,” said Glover.

Officials say swelling and redness may cause some discomfort.

“It is temporary. It can be treated with steroids or ace inhibitors,” said Glover.

While treatment is available, most reactions go away on their own.

Officials say dermal filler clients make great candidates for the COVID-19 vaccine.

“By no means should this very small number of adverse reactions should prevent you from getting the vaccine. It’s very important for us as a community to get this vaccine to get back to some sort of normalcy,” said Weaver.

SCDHEC is asking anyone who gets a reaction from any COVID vaccine to report it.