Food trucks to work as surveillance in Myrtle Beach parks

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Some food trucks will soon set up shop at certain Myrtle Beach parks, but while they’re cooking your food, they’ll be looking out for crime.

The city recently passed an ordinance allowing food trucks to serve their customers at five different parks in exchange for providing surveillance services for Myrtle Beach.

Drew Basilicato, owner of The Trojan Cow food truck, says the program will draw people to parks and help prevent crime.

“It’s more of a proactive approach versus reactive. If there’s a lot of people out here having a cookout or just enjoying the parks and getting some food, there’s less likely to be a scenario where something illegal might take place,” Basilicato said.

Food trucks will set up at Futrell Park, Bathsheba Bowens Memorial Park, Savannah’s Playground, Wither’s Swash Park and Myrtle’s Market.

The program also requires participating trucks to keep the parks clean and report any maintenance problems to the city.

The food trucks will not be paid to provide surveillance services, but some vendors say there are other benefits to taking part.

“We’ll be in more places than ever before and we have the city’s support, so you’ll see things like the police department, fire department, city services because that building is right over here, able to participate and eat as well, so we’re going to have way more exposure than we’ve ever had in the city,” Basilicato said.

So far, there are six participating trucks, but Basilicato hopes to expand the program.

 The pilot program will begin in March 2020 and last through October.

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