GARDEN CITY, S.C. (WBTW) — A Garden City vacation home which a family accused of not being as advertised has had its certificate of occupancy revoked for safety issues.

The home lost its certificate of occupancy Friday morning, meaning not even the owner is allowed to spend a night inside.

Steven Elliott, a Georgetown County building officials said his decision to revoke the home of its certification was only based on safety.

“It’s one thing for an owner to make a decision and put themselves and their family in harm’s way by not making sure that the work was being performed is compliant, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to put the unsuspecting public who is renting your home with the expectation that they’re renting a safe, compliant home to enjoy for a week or so at the beach and then find those conditions, it’s very concerning,” Elliott said.

The beachfront home was rented out by Sea Star Realty to guests who last week said it was in such poor condition they called the county for an inspection.

An inspector documented exposed wires, unsecured water heaters, and repairs and upgrades made without a building permit.

In a statement to News13, Sea Star Realty said it’s working with the county to resolve the matter.

“Sea Star Realty was not involved in hiring the contractors or oversight of the renovations,” the statement reads. “The issues reported by the last guests were corrected immediately. Sea Star Realty requires and maintains the highest standards for the properties we manage. The safety of our guests and their enjoyment of rental properties is of the utmost importance.”

Sea Star Realty said the property will remain unavailable until the homeowner and contractors meet all of Georgetown County’s requirements to reinstate the certificate of occupancy.