Grand Strand Humane Society holds fee-waived adoption event

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — The Grand Strand Humane Society held an adoption event this weekend where they waived all fees. The executive director said they did so due to the increase of animal intakes during the pandemic.

“We have seen such a spike unfortunately in animals coming in, especially this year due to COVID,” Jess Wnuk, Executive Director of Grand Strand Humane Society said.

Wnuk said she thinks that’s because of the pandemic.

“So unfortunately people have fallen on hard times, they’ve lost their jobs, they’d had to move out of state, they’ve had to move in with family and while we do everything we can to keep pets in home by providing free food and free veterinarian services if we can do so, sometimes it’s just not feasible so the animals do have to come and stay with us and it’s our goal to get them into a loving home as quickly as possible,” Wnuk said.

Wnuk said they typically hold the event in the Summer but because of COVID, they decided to hold it right before the holidays.

“We really wanted to give them an opportunity to be home for the holidays so we decided to have a fee-waived adoption event and the response has been amazing,” Wnuk said.

Wnuk said over 80 animals have been adopted during the event.

“It’s really an amazing thing to watch all these animals go home and some of our longer term dogs and cats have gotten an opportunity to go into a home and there’s really nothing better than that,” Wnuk said.

While the response has been good, Wnuk wanted to remind everyone to do their resarch before considering adopting.

“This is sometimes a 15, 18-year commitment if you’re getting a kitten or puppy and you really have to be prepared for that when you move, when you change jobs, when things change in your life, are you going to be able to adapt to having an animal in your home,” Wnuk said.

The event ends at 6 pm on Sunday, November 29th but Wnuk said to keep an eye on their social media page for upcoming events.

Their available pets up for adoption can be found here.

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