HAPPENING NOW: City of Myrtle Beach implementing traffic calming proposal in Market Common area

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – People who live in the Market Common area could see changes to traffic and roadways starting this week.

Myrtle Beach city officials tell News13 three residential intersections will get either raised or textured crosswalks and new red road stamps to alert drivers of the crosswalk, this in an effort to increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists in the area.

This is one of the first changes Market Common residents will notice following the city’s proposal on traffic calming to the Market Common neighborhood watch group back in May

City spokesperson Mark Kruea says pedestrian safety and speeding were major concerns of those who live in the area.

Crews will make changes to the Meyers Avenue and Pampas Drive intersection, the Meyers Avenue and Howard Lake Drive intersection, and are starting this week with the Meyers Avenue and Yorkshire Parkway intersection.

“This is one of the busier intersections there,” Kruea says. “They would like to have some way of letting the vehicles know that hey there are pedestrians and folks riding bicycles.”

Kruea says these construction changes are only part of what the city plans to implement in the area.

Other things the city included in the proposal are larger speed limit signs and feedback devices that let drivers know how fast they are going, so the city can collect data.

According to city officials, the Myrtle Beach Police Department has also increased radar patrols in the area.

“We actually provide a weekly synopsis of the number of tickets we’ve written throughout the Market Common area, so be advised if you do speed, you are likely to get a ticket out there,” Kruea says.

Between July 7 and July 13, MBPD made 55 traffic stops in the Market Common, wrote 28 tickets and 27 warnings. The week prior, Myrtle Beach police made 70 traffic stops, wrote 34 tickets and 36 warnings.

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