CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — Ten students are in quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 at Black Water Middle School during in-person testing.

Horry County Schools says the incident happened on Wednesday. One student was positive for the virus while testing in-person for a course that “blends high school and college into a coherent educational program.”

Parents tell News13 several students are enrolled in the district’s virtual learning program and say they worked all year to avoid this situation.

“Within my kid being there for 90 minutes she was expose to COVID. 90 minutes. That’s insane,” said Christina Reedy, the parent of a virtual student who was exposed during testing.

Reedy’s daughter said students sat at desks with plexiglass, but were told mask-wearing was not necessary.

On Tuesday, the district launched an investigation to learn if safety measures were followed during the exposure.

“There was no contingency plan if a kid showed up sick or not feeling well. What to do in that situation. What to do with that child,” said Reedy.

Reedy said her heart goes out to the sick student and their parents. Adding the district offered a narrow three day window for students to complete the second portion of the program’s testing.

“The program is specifically for children whose parents did not go to college. To have a first time graduate in the family, how can you miss that?” said Reedy.

Reedy said make-up testing dates should have been offered and clearly stated.

The district said alternate dates would have been given, if the student had informed officials of symptoms ahead of time.

For future statewide testing the district tells News13 in part:

“Some of our vendors, such as SAT and ACT, provide specific testing dates and alternate testing dates. If a student shows any illness symptoms, the student should contact the school and the administration to develop a plan for an alternative testing date.”

The district’s state-approved plan requires parents to screen their children every day before entering a school building. Officials are asking any student feeling ill or showing symptoms to stay home.