Horry County Fire Rescue, citizens use “Stop the Bleed” to save lives

Grand Strand

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Grand Strand Medical Center is teaching people how to help save a life if someone’s bleeding in an emergency situation before paramedics arrive as part of a national campaign called “Stop the Bleed”.

The one-hour training is a crucial preventative measure in light of the recent shootings in Myrtle Beach, Ohio and Texas.

It’s a three-part course that Laura Lunsford says you can help save a life even if you’re not a medical professional.

“We want them to feel empowered to be able to step up and be able to provide aid for those because sometimes it is, you are the person that is on scene and you are the only one available to render aid until help gets there,” said Lunsford, a trauma injury prevention coordinator for Grand Strand Medical Center.

Calling 911, finding where the bleeding is coming from and compressing the wound are those three parts, and Lunsford says in an active shooter scene or any emergency, time is of the essence.

“As a mom, and as a nurse, if I happen to not be there in the event that my child is injured, I would want a bystander to be trained and empowered to step up and render aid to my child and save their life,” she said.

“Stop the Bleed” has a kit that you can get your home or car, and it even helps you learn to apply a tourniquet, that a surgeon would take off as soon as you get to the emergency room.

“[The] gauze is a specialized gauze,” said Lunsford. “It has hemostatic dressing is what it is. So, it has material in it, so when it comes into contact with blood, it activates and it helps control the bleeding.”

As more people sign up for classes, Horry County Fire Rescue has nearly ten certified instructors and around 350 EMS workers who know the “Stop the Bleed” technique, to be ready at a moment’s notice.

South Carolina ranks tenth in the number of certified “Stop the Bleed” instructors, which Lunsford says is phenomenal.

The list of who qualifies to be an instructor is expanding, and now includes veterinary medicine, ski patrol and first responders in general.

Click here for a link to Grand Strand Medical Center’s list of “Stop the Bleed” classes.

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