HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The Horry County Schools Facilities Committee on Monday unveiled the conceptual design of the new Whittemore Park Middle School, which was later approved by the Horry County Schools board later that day.

The committee believes the design is very functional and no space was wasted. The design will be 39 acres and next to a new McLeod Hospital on El Bethel Road.

“We feel like we got a very concise middle school, it’s extremely well thought out, it functions very well,” said Joe Burch, the coordinator of planning for the facilities department.

With a $58 million budget, the new middle school will be more than 145,000 sq ft and hold 1,050 students.

Courtesy: Horry County Schools

A legacy room will be created to celebrate the history of the Whittemore Community and board members were asked to find photographs or sentimental memories to add to the room.

“That room will be a place where we could prominently display artifacts or pictures, things we can get from Whittemore legacy,” Burch said.

Board member Janet Graham thanked the design team and thinks the community will be excited about the legacy room.

“I like the fact that is has incorporated the community, the surrounding community, and the history into the building,” Graham said.

The building will have public parking in the front and the committee discussed having a possible partnership with the hospital.

There were six meetings and several site visits to get to this point. Construction is set to begin in Fall 2022. The board also said it’s received questions about Whittemore Park Elementary and said it was sold to the City of Conway and is no longer owned by the district.