Horry County Schools window opens for virtual learning option for next school year

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CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — The Horry County School board sees a slight uptick in COVID-19 cases following Spring break for Horry County Schools, which comes as the decision window opens for virtual school for next year.

Horry County School parents have between Monday and April 30 to make a decision whether they want their child to be virtual in the fall or go back to brick and mortar learning.

Horry County Schools Superintendent Dr. Rick Maxey said there will be no re-dos or going back and forth.

“One of the questions I received from parents and I’m sure board members do too is that, ‘I really would like to wait until August when I know what the situation looks like’…well I wish we could too,” Maxey said.

The district said it’s due to staffing and being able to have schedules in place. They plan to have schedules done by June 30.

“You have to realize, we’re looking at scheduling 2,700 teachers approximately. We’re looking at scheduling 44,000 students approximately and that is a massive undertaking,” Maxey said.

This comes just as Maxey says COVID-19 numbers are stabilizing but says they have seen a slight uptick after Spring break particularly with a few sports team that have had to quarantine.

“Despite all of that, my feeling is that things are going to improve,” Maxey said.

He continued saying, “I would encourage any parent who wants to have their child in a brick-and-mortar setting this fall, if I were in your shoes and that’s the approach I would take assuming conditions are going to continue to improve and then you will have your child in that setting.”

While Maxey encourages brick-and-mortar schooling, the district is still wrapping up installation of plexiglass barriers.

Horry County Schools Support Services said by Monday night, all 55 schools will have plexiglass barriers installed. Previously the district hoped to have all barriers installed by the end of March and before that, mid-March.

“I can assure you that there is no one in the independent republic of Horry County who would be as happy as one Rick Maxey to see students, all of them in school, no plexiglass and no masks,” he said. “Just as soon as SCDHEC says we can do that, guess what? We’ll start immediately heading in that direction.”

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