CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Horry county leaders voted Tuesday to let the county administrator tear down eleven different abandoned homes in the county.

Last year, News13 told you council passed an ordinance to give the administrator that power because there were several homes around the county leaders claim were eye sores and in some cases dangerous for community members around them.

After Tuesday’s vote, eleven different homes in Murrells Inlet, Myrtle Beach, Little River, and Longs will be torn down.

Council Chair Mark Lazarus says they want to soon do the same for commercial properties in the county.

 “We found out today that it’s moved through committee on being able to do commercial buildings in the state house. So, we’re working hard to get that approved right now. So, hopefully it will go to the full floor and keep moving,” said Lazarus   

Lazarus says they have commercial properties in mind that they want to tear down but couldn’t comment yet on where those properties are.