HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Republican voters in Horry County have received the wrong ballots, according to a Friday announcement.

About 1,380 Democratic runoff election ballots were accidentally sent to Republican voters in Horry County, according to county officials.

The mistake is blamed on an error in the printing and mailing process. Ballots for the Democratic runoff election were not impacted.

Voters will begin receiving the new ballots on Saturday. A corrected ballot will be sent to voters with a notice that they received an incorrect ballot, and will include a Republican runoff election ballot.

County officials said people who received the incorrect ballots should not vote and return them. If the ballot is turned it, it will not be counted. The incorrect ballots do not need to be returned to a voter registration office.

The Horry County Board of Voter Registration and Elections issued 1,932 absentee ballots, with 1,377 for the Republican runoff, according to officials.