HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — With crowds of people coming to the Grand Strand to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, the Champion Autism Network based in Surfside Beach is providing activities and advice for those who experience sensory problems.

“We live in a tourist town, we’re going to see that anyway, right, said Becky Large, the group’s executive director. “Kids that are hangry, tired, waiting in line. It’s hot it’s been a long day. But for our families, it happens pretty much when they leave the house. One of our missions is to reduce judgment and anxiety so that our families can come out and play.”

There are several businesses in the region that partner with the organization to help those who live in and visit the area enjoy their surroundings, Large said.

“We’ve trained area restaurants, resorts attractions and stores on the accommodations of our people,” Large said. “Anybody can go online and look at the participating business and know that they can go there, and if there is some sort of episode or tantrum or meltdown, that those people will be there to support you and get it.”

Large said big crowds and loud noises can trigger an episode or tantrum, so she said people should call ahead to find out the best times to go out.

“Going when businesses may be first open, less crowds or contact the businesses to find out the busiest times and not to go then,” she said.

Large said to go to Surfside Beach on Saturday and Sunday if you wanted to get away from the fireworks. Surfside Beach allows fireworks only on Independence Day.

“Fourth of July is going to be crazy with fireworks everywhere, but in Surfside, that’s the only day of the year,” she said. “It’s like Christmas for fireworks.” 

You can find out more information about the group by going to the group’s Facebook page and website.