CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – A South Carolina litter-prevention group has funded the installation of an anti-pollution device at 25 state waterways, the Crabtree Canal in Horry County,

PalmettoPride provided funding for the non-mechanical WaterGoat system, which helps stop litter from getting into the ocean. Since 2006, the group said the device has helped keep more than 322 tons of debris and trash from reaching the ocean in other states.

“It’s one more piece to the puzzle,” said Nevada Mileur, the litter control coordinator for the group Keep Conway Beautiful. “It’s a line buoy that has like a net attached to it with a chain, so it kind of just floats across the Crabtree Canal.”

The WaterGoat system collects trash in the water and can be emptied in about two hours. The WaterGoat in Conway was recently cleaned by volunteers and employees.

“We’ll coordinate between Keep Conway Beautiful volunteers emptying it out and city employees emptying it out, depending on how often it gets full,” Mileur said.

Mileur wants to see see the device installed in other places.

“Obviously, the Waccamaw River is huge and there are many places it could be beneficial,” Mileur said. “So, I would like to see more in the future. Not only is it going to bring awareness about the types of litter that are ending up in the canals and waterways but also, ultimately, how it affects the ocean and how the micro plastics are an issue in our ocean and for our wildlife.”

Anyone who wants to volunteer with groups like Keep Conway Beautiful and Keep Horry County Beautiful can find more information on the groups’ websites and Facebook pages.