MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) —If you need your vehicle repaired, expect to wait weeks or even months for the job to be finished.

Local auto repair shops are experiencing the strain of supply-chain shortages and are having a hard time keeping up with demand.

Larry White, who owns Larry’s Auto Clinic in Socastee, said repair shops normally have two or three choices for each part, but now they’re lucky to have one.

Suppliers are constantly running out of parts and that is increasing what customers are paying for repairs.

“There’s been a price increase as far as the Freon, for instance, for cars just doubled in price,” he said. “They went from $200 for a 30-pound cylinder Freon, and two weeks it went to $400 for a 30-pound cylinder. Just to recharge the AC system has almost doubled, and now other parts have gone up. Oil, of course, has gone up. All different chemicals have gone up. Parts have probably gone up about 20 [to] 25% over the last two [to] three months,” White said.

Car parts aren’t the only thing affected by the supply-chain shortage, White said RV owners are suffering, too.

RVs bring up a different challenge. Because people are living in them, they need things done immediately. Larry’s Auto Clinic works on at least three RVs a week, and because a lot of RV parts are on back-order it can take a few days to just find them. White said diesel oil, which is essential for RVs, has become a challenge.

“We try to help families out the best way we can,” White said. “We have a place for them to hook up where they can actually camp here at night as we’re waiting for their parts to get in.”

White said most families stay at least a week because most of the time the parts they need are necessary for basic living while traveling.