MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WBTW) — Mustang week is taking one final ride in the Grand Strand. Mustang week organizers say this event will be the last.

Thursday night was the Stangs at the Beaver event in Murrells Inlet where hundreds of cars gathered throughout the day.

Stuart Earp, a member of the Mustang Week support staff, said it is hard to imagine Myrtle Beach without a mustang week.

“It comes down into the heart,” he said. “We’ve met a lot of great people by putting these events on. I mean it’s all about, you know, our events all about bringing people together — it’s like a big family reunion. You’ve got people that come from all across the country — even as far as Canada 2000 miles away — so it’s really heartfelt this is the last week we’re doing this.”

Earp said Mustang Week brings in a lot of revenue for businesses. He said they have looked into the numbers before and the week brings in an estimated $28 million in revenue with hotels, restaurants, retail and gas.

He said a lot of businesses don’t want to see them go. One of those businesses is The Beaver Bar.

“Its all part of the culture of coming down and being here for so long,” said Leslye Beaver, owner of The Beaver Bar. “The people are coming, they love Myrtle Beach and how do you complain about that? They just love Myrtle Beach and it is what it is. I think that maybe some of the rules and regulations or maybe compliance or maybe some things need to be changed but I think — as far as Mustang Week — hopefully it will come back.”

She said it is great for businesses in the area because business without the events can be slow.

“The events are huge for us,” she said. “We probably do more events to offset just being open so they’re critical. I’d like to think by having events the other businesses at least reap some of the reward.”

She said it is important to her to tell visitors there are other places to eat and visit while they are here.

“We really encourage and we put up flyers that announce some of the other restaurants,” Beaver said. “We’ve encouraged some of the restaurants to even drop off flyers, or brochures, or their menus and put them right next to mine because you may get tired of eating at The Beaver Bar and want to try something else. So that’s important to us.”

“A lot of people come here for the first time, they’ve never been here before and you know the businesses, Leslye has been good to do things and recommend other places to eat and whatnot so they all work together,” Earp said.

Earp said the three main people for the staff said they have had a good run and are trying to make this last year meaningful.

“As always make this event as fun as we can and safe for people,” Earp said. “You see it draws out thousands and thousands of people, hundreds of cars. There’s probably been an estimated 300 to 400 cars here today and just make them all feel welcomed, and make them enjoy the event and take some memories back home with them.”

He said he is thankful for all of the support over the years.

“We appreciate it, it is really heartfelt that y’all show up for the events,” he said. “We really appreciate it so a big thank you to our people that come out.”