HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Horry County 911 is looking to improve dead zones of coverage in the county.

At Tuesday’s Public Safety Commission meeting, Horry County 911 proposed a $3.2 million request for equipment that would improve two radio towers.

“Today we have some very bad coverage in the western part of the county up near Aynor and Juniper Bay area and all that is really giving us some problems with not only portables but mobile units as well,” said Renee Hardwick, Horry County 911 department head.

She said the issue affects police, firefighters and EMS. There are also dead zones in other parts of the county.

“Also, up on Shore Drive we have some dead spots and in the end of Myrtle Beach where Myrtle Beach and Shore Drive area come together,” Hardwick said.

Hardwick said they do not want to build any new towers.

“So we’re not looking to build any towers,” she said. “We’re not looking just to grow what we have, we’d like to capitalize on some other towers that exist today, but that will take some equipment to get those towers up to the standards that we must meet.”

Horry County 911 has contracted with a company to help find towers that would improve coverage.

She said the costs would at least double if towers had to be built and land needed to be purchased.

The towers are not currently funded or planned. The request has not gone before the county council.