GARDEN CITY, S.C. (WBTW) — Construction for what drivers call a confusing and dangerous intersection in Horry County will soon be underway thanks to the help of county leaders. 

“With the loss of life that’s happened at that intersection over the years and definitely a necessity,” Bill Barber, event coordinator at SBB, said.

It’s something he’s wanted to see changed for a while: The Tadlock Drive and U.S. 17 Business Connector Intersection in Garden City.

“It’s the crossover road where they have to cross over the highway twice coming and going to be able to get out there,” Barber said. “And that’s the dangerous point.”

At Tuesday’s Horry County council meeting, leaders voted to include the Tadlock Intersection in the Ride III Garden City Intersection Improvement Project.

“We were expecting that. We had heard news of it and seen some proposals, but it’s an absolutely necessary thing that needs to be done,” Barber said.

He said it’s especially confusing during the night. He works right across the intersection at SBB and said that’s when most of the wrecks happen.

“You can’t judge the headlights coming at you with the speed,” he said. “I’ve actually crossed a few times where somebody was speeding real fast going 65 miles an hour, in a 45 and I misjudged and had a close call.”

More than $3.9 million from the county will help improve the intersection.

Improvements the county would help fund include:

  • Aligning U.S. 17 Business towards Murrells Inlet with Tadlock Drive
  • Providing added capacity through additional turn lanes.
  • Providing dual left-turn lanes for southbound traffic leading towards the Inlet, and dual right-turn lanes for northbound traffic leaving the Inlet.
  • Providing sidewalks throughout as well as crosswalks at the intersection.
  • Improving traffic operations, increasing safety and reducing travel times at the intersection

A mapped-out plan from SCDOT also shows a stoplight being added to the intersection.

“Nobody likes to see new stoplights and we’re the same way but the safety of the people is key to start buying those businesses, and we want to make sure our customers can get in and out safely,” Barber said.

A start date for construction will be determined once the project finishes the design phase.