HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Horry County Council Tuesday night sent an ordinance proposing ‘no fireworks’ zones within the county back to the Public Safety Commission for possible revisions.

The decision was met with significant disagreement from other council members.

Councilmen Bill Howard and Dennis DiSabato favored making a decision on the ordinance at the meeting instead of returning it to the committee.

“It’s very important that you move forward,” Howard said. “If you want to change it down the road, we can change it down the road. But I encourage all these council members up here to vote for this tonight.”

Councilman Danny Hardee said the ordinance needs adjustments and that the decision to send it back to the committee doesn’t mean it’s being ignored.

“I still think we need to fine tune a couple things,” Hardee said. “We’re not putting it off, we’re not sweeping it under the table, like I said, Councilman Howard has worked on this and we want to support him on this. But I think we need some of the questions that have arisen in the last couple of days to be answered before we move forward with it.”