MYRTLE BEACH S.C. (WBTW) — Horry County Council members will soon decide if they will allow repairs and upgrades to railroad tracks between the Waccamaw River and Myrtle Beach to allow an easier form of transporting goods throughout the Grand Strand.

Right now, the tracks aren’t being used at all because of maintenance issues.

Railroads have to be maintained, the cross ties we’re talking about, they rot. The bed grows up, the rail bed grows up and the nails get crooked from lying in the sunshine all the time and not being used,” said Johnny Vaught, Horry County Council member.

RJ Corman Railroad Group is the group that Horry County officials lease the tracks to. The group is urging council members to allow them to get the tracks useable again.

Vaught believes fixing the railroads and getting them running again is vital to boosting the economy. He also believes his fellow council members feel similar.

“Everybody is on board with the railroad because it’s a good economic thing,” he said. “I don’t think there is anybody who’s against it.”

Using trains to move supplies and heavy equipment instead of trucks will help with traffic and it could bring more opportunities for the heavy-duty industry.

They don’t need to put it on trucks and load it out, they can put it on a train and connect it to anywhere in the country. That’s what we’re trying to get going on here, is something so we can actually do something in the heavy duty industry,” Vaught said.

Horry County officials are expected to vote on the matter at the next council meeting.