Editor’s note: This story and video contains content that some may find graphic.

HORRY COUNTY S.C. (WBTW) — An Horry County man who was crushed while working under a double-wide mobile home took a victory lap at the hospital Wednesday as he continues his recovery.

Charles Hardee spent part of the past four months at the trauma center at Grand Strand Medical Center. He sustained a multitude of injuries and had to stay at Grand Strand Medical Center for 29 days.

He entered the emergency room with a torn open diaphragm, damage to his kidney, intestines and heart.

To heal his wounds meant Hardee had to spend time away from his three kids for the first time.

“It was a huge blessing to come down on day 25 and see my children, a huge blessing,” Hardee said. “I actually think that’s about the time I probably started healing. I know that sounds silly but, I really started healing and feeling better.”

Surgeons had to sew the layer between his chest and abdomen and fix his intestine before closing him up.

“His case was an extreme case, and over 35 years of being a surgeon, I’ve never taken care of a complex, the same as what Mr. Hardee presented with,” said Grand Strand Medical Center surgeon Dr. Christoph Kaufmann said.

Hardee said this experience changed him. He said God told him to quit smoking, so instead of cigarettes in his pants pockets, he’s got something else.

“A bottle of anointing oil and my church cards,” Hardee said. “So I can tell you where I go to church and I can give you a church card, and I can pray for you and I can lay hands on you.”

Kaufmann said having Hardee back in for a victory lap was an emotional experience for him.

“Probably three patients in 35 years, that specifically can remember each second of taking care of them, and he is one of those because it’s so rewarding to be able to be successful with this type of injury,” Kaufmann said.

Hardee said he doesn’t know what caused the home to fall on him but he’s glad to still be alive.

“Life has changed for me dramatically,” he said. “I was in control for a long time, so I thought, but if you’ll just give it all to him, he’ll take care of you.”

Hardee said he has bout five or six weeks left of physical therapy.