Editor’s note: A quote that was obtained for a previous story has been removed from this story.

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The first couple days of school can come with some hiccups, which was the case for one Horry County parent who saw her kids wandering around the neighborhood alone on her home camera after school.

Breanna Foutz planned for her children to get on a bus to after school day care and was shocked when she saw her kids roaming the neighborhood alone. Her children, Jackson and Jordan, started kindergarten and third grade on Monday.

Both kids knew they were supposed to get on the bus to day care after school, but teachers told them otherwise, and they were put on the bus to their home where they were dropped off alone.

“They said no, this is where you’re supposed to go,” Foutz said. “He knew immediately when they were trying to put him on a regular bus that that’s not where he was supposed to be.”

Foutz said the kids were scared as they tried to navigate the 10-minute walk to their house.

“They don’t really know how to get around,” Foutz said. “They had to walk from the front of the neighborhood, which is about a 10-minute walk and find their way home after being released from the bus.”

She later found out that the day care bus knew it was short students and her sons were supposed to be on that bus.

“We spoke with the day care,” she said. “They said they had gone to pick up the students as usual, and they have, you know, their list in hand. And they said that they were missing several kids.”

Foutz is frustrated that she was not notified of any of the changes.

If it weren’t for her home security camera, she would’ve thought her kids were at day care.

“I feel like at that point, you know, a call should have been made to me and, you know, question at least what, what the plan was or where the miscommunication was and they didn’t call me,” Foutz said.

Foutz said this mistake is bigger than a small transition period.

“This is not just a late bus,” she said. “This is not just a lunch menu change. This is a total miscommunication error. It can’t be allowed to happen.”

Horry County Schools released the following statement to News13:

“The principal addressed the transportation concerns with the parent this morning, and the situation has been resolved. It appears there were a few issues that took place including the information provided to the school during student registration, daycare transportation confirmation with the school, drop-off procedures, etc. Again, the issue has been resolved and the school now has accurate transportation information from the parents regarding daycare.”

Foutz said she appreciates the district’s apology, but more needs to be done in the future, including following procedures and making sure all children are accounted for so it doesn’t happen to another family.