HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Children born during the pandemic are more prone to sickness their first year of daycare, according to pediatricians.

Newborns to 3-year-olds develop their immune systems by naturally being exposed to viruses and bacteria. However, doctors say this hasn’t happened since children have been in quarantine.

Pediatricians have been seeing children in daycare with more illnesses such as common colds and strep throat. 

They advise parents to take their children for annual check-ups to ensure that they have all their required shots to minimize the chance of getting sick. 

Children who have already been in public settings have been exposed to certain ailments, so their immune systems are trained to confront illnesses.

That’s nothing to be worried about, according to Lucretia Carter, the pediatric medical director at Tidelands Health.

“It is common for some kids to get frequent upper respiratory infections,” Carter said. 

Normally, the summer is the busiest time for physicals because children are getting them before returning to school, but Carter has seen an uptick in appointments this year. Children who haven’t gotten their annual check-up in the last two years due to virtual learning are visiting the doctors before returning to in-person learning.