CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) — About 180 town homes could be coming to Little River after the Horry County Planning Commission unanimously approved a rezoning request to turn 28.9 acres of land from Commercial Forest Agriculture (CFA) to Multi-residential District (MRD2) during Thursday’s meeting.

The land is located in the area of Highway 57, Highway 9 and Saw Horse Drive.

The developer was previously denied on another request by the commission and county council for traffic-related concerns with entrances and exits and the extension of Highway 31. The applicant has now acquired another parcel to add access from Highway 57.

One resident, Chris Watts, spoke up against the plans. He was concerned about his young daughter driving on the roads and local rescue vehicles getting through the area efficiently.

“If you add 184 units if you add that number of cars times two or three, whatever the number may be, we’re just asking for a consideration to not rezone it based off that,” Watts said.

He said with other businesses in the community that are being built like Tractor Supply Co., Food Lion, restaurants and car dealerships, the project would further congest traffic.

“You figure school traffic, the summer traffic, the 5:00 traffic, it’s just unbelievable,” he said.

The representative for Thomas & Hutton said the plan would help by connecting more roads.

“If traffic is a concern for the community, you build some roads,” he said. “You introduce connectivity. I think one of the issues we’ve had over the years is a lack of connectivity.”

He said the plan gives an opportunity to help the current community and the newly proposed one by adding access to Highway 57.

Planning Commission member Pamela Dawson also spoke up about traffic. She asked Horry County Engineering Department head, Andy Markunas, if he thought the traffic issues would negatively impact the community at this time.

“In general, no,” Markunas said. “As an overall looking at the big picture, no because it provides access to [Highway] 57 from existing homes that only have access to [Highway] 9 now and I think it gets them a better way out.”

According to the Department Head, David Jordan, the request will be on County Council’s agenda for a first reading at the next council meeting. The request will need their approval as well.

The Planning Commission also unanimously approved another rezoning request for 27.15 acres in Little River Thursday for 254 units near Robert Edge Parkway and Carolina Bays Parkway by G3 Engineering & Land Surveying, LLC.