HORRY COUNTY S.C. (WBTW) — Horry County Police Chief Joseph Hill recently told the Public Safety Committee the county is in need of more environmental services officers.

These officers handle a variety of issues in the community.

“If you don’t know what ESO’s do they do a little bit of everything,” Hill said. “They do animal care, animal rescue, litter, overgrowth.”

Hill said the demand for these officers is increasing and the calls for environmental services have increased 10% in two years.

“We just don’t have enough resources right now to keep your phones from ringing and that’s the most important thing,” he said, addressing the public safety committee. “We want to meet the needs of the county and our community but more importantly we want to serve the needs of our administration by making sure we are problem solving these issues as they come up.”

Mikayla Moskov with Horry County Police said 10 officers would be the current total future needs for the department. She said the 2023 budget requests four environmental services officers.

Hill said the officers work with county partners to educate people on how to bring homes up to compliance. Adding officers would better serve these communities.

“We had one community that we were called on recently and I would say all but two houses needed our attention,” he said.

Another issue these officers are involved with is stopping people from illegally dumping trash. Hill said the dumping at the Solid Waste Authority is “rampant” and they are working on actions to fix this issue.