HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The Horry County School Board is in the beginning stages of updating the current policy on the selection and reconsideration of library materials as well as the future of a full-time virtual program. The board discussed these two major topics during a meeting Monday evening.

School leaders want to update the way schools select library materials and want stakeholders to be more involved in the process. The spokesperson for the school district, Lisa Bourcier, said the goal is to align their policy with the state’s model policy.

“We really are trying to align our standards with the SCDOE and their model policy. It really hasn’t been looked at for several years so we wanted to really take another look at it and really increase the number of stakeholder input within the selection of the material at our school libraries as well as the process and the reconsideration process,” said Bourcier.

When the board discussed adding a full-time K-12 virtual learning program, several board members recommended that a full-time virtual program not be created.    

“We learned that face-to-face instruction is very important and that students achieved more learning from being face-to-face with a teacher,” said Lisa Bourcier, the spokesperson for the school district. “The board asked that we halt the program for this current school year and come back with a viable option within a year for the future of what a K-12 full-time virtual program would be.”

​Final votes on these topics will be made at the next HCS board meeting on Oct. 24.