CONWAY S.C. (WBTW) — After several downpours over the past couple of weeks, people have been reaching out to the Horry County Stormwater Department expressing flooding concerns in their area.

During the county’s Infrastructure and Regulation committee meeting on Tuesday, the department addressed some of those concerns.

Thom Roth with Horry County Stormwater said he got calls over the weekend from people who said they got six to 10 inches of rain within an hour. They said yards flooded and expressed concerns about whether the drainage systems would be able to handle a hurricane.

Roth said the county’s systems are not able to handle that amount of rain in an hour, and no other state is either. He said people have been calling to report their yard or road is flooded, but by the time crews go there the water is gone. He said most of the time, the water is gone within two to three hours.

“So I don’t care how many trees you have out there, I don’t care home much hard surface you have out there every inch of rain that hits the ground is now running off whether it was concrete or whether it was planted with trees, once that soil is saturated, it can’t take any more water,” Roth said.

Horry County council member Al Allen said we can’t hurricane-proof the county. He said people have to give the water time to run off and go its natural course.