SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A local Army veteran who recently suffered a stroke has a rebuilt ramp at his home thanks to a group of men from the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and husbands of women from the Blue Star Mothers group.

The ramp was originally built a decade ago by the Blue Star Mothers and was in need of repairs.

“There were a couple of boards that needed to be replaced, and they power-washed it, repaired it, and when it comes time to either stain or paint it, they’re going to come back and do that, too,” said Jane Gayle, the wife of John Gayle and a member of Blue Star Mothers. ” Unbelievable. Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough. John and I are both just so grateful.”

After John suffered a stroke on Oct. 27, the groups jumped into action to make his return from the hospital as easy as possible. The ramp was fixed on Sunday, two days before he came home from the hospital.

“It’s amazing, if one of us needs something, the group will respond,” said John, who participates in multiple local veteran organizations.

John’s wife heard him fall in the bathroom. When she got to him, she knew she needed to call an ambulance immediately.      

“His face was drawn, his left side. [It] was hard to understand anything he was saying, so I automatically knew it was a stroke,” she said.

Both John and Jane, are extremely thankful to those who helped out.

“Just, thank all of those people,” John said. They all work together in not only helping me but making things easy on me and so I could move on and do all the things they need, you need to do with occupational therapy and physical therapy.”

Jane said she is very proud to know every person who helped.

“{I’m} proud that those type of people are my friends and the Blue Star Moms, they came out and just cleaned our entire yard,” she said. “I mean pulled weeds, cleaned bushes, edged the driveway.”

Jane said the Grand Strand really knows how to take care of its veterans.