HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Despite its growing population, Horry County currently has only one circuit court judge.

Another judge is being added at the beginning of the year, but 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson told News13 that as the county grows, more crime and warrants are expected.

What court administration has had to do is borrow judges from other jurisdictions,” he said. “Obviously, two judges can’t be in the same place, so we get a steady rotation of judges from other areas.”

The solicitor’s office said after managing the docket, they are backlogged 438 cases from the past three years. Charleston is backlogged around 8,000.

Judges have been brought in from across the state, including Florence, to help balance the workload.

“We have quite a lot of retired judges that hit retirement age but they continue to go to work for the state,” Richardson said.

The additional circuit judge will help alleviate one problem, but the solicitor’s office will face a different challenge next year.

“The upcoming year, we’re going to have a little bit of a reduction in court time,” Richardson said. “We have always had gotten between 26 [to] 30 terms of court a year in Horry. We are going to be cut at least a week, maybe two, for the first six months of next year.”