HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Larisa Talsky is one of the four passengers that survived the Great Pee Dee River boat crash on July 5. She said the experience was traumatizing. 

“None of us can really remember what happened,” Talsky said. “It’s completely gone, like a loss of time.”

Talsky said the group that consisted of herself, her sister Kara Show, and their boyfriends Scott Smith and Dennis Mills, decided to go out on the river after bad weather on July 4 kept them off the water.

“We don’t typically take the boat out on the water on a holiday weekend, it’s just too busy,” Talsky said. “The weather wasn’t great on the fourth. We had that rain, so we didn’t get to go out that day.”

The boat day went nothing like she anticipated. 

“Just out for a day on the boat,” Talsky said. “Which turned horrible.”

At about 1:30 p.m., Talsky said the boat struck something in the water which caused them to spin out and hit a tree on the bank of the river. 

“High impact, high speed just shredded the boat basically and everyone it,” Talsky said. 

What she saw is something she said she will never forget. 

“There was just glass everywhere, tree branches everywhere, blood everywhere,” Talsky said, “It was just awful.”

Talsky said that she was lucky. She suffered the least amount of injuries of anyone in the group. She was able to call for help. 

“I was hysterical, screaming [on the phone],” Talsky said, “I mean, just screaming. It was awful.”

She said she is thankful one of them was able to make the call. 

“I was able to call 911,” Talsky said. “I don’t think anybody else could have called 911. They were all in severe pain and bleeding.”

Her sister suffered the most severe injuries. She is still in the hospital at Grand Strand Medical Center in Myrtle Beach. 

“She has a really bad fractured arm and broken ribs,” Talsky said. 

After the crash, the passengers were split up and sent to different hospitals. Talsky and Smith went to Conway Medical Center, while Show and Mills were airlifted to Grand Strand Medical Center. The four have not been reunited since. 

“When we all get back together and have that moment, I know it’s gonna be emotional,” Talsky said.  “We’ll be glad that we’re all alive because we could all be dead.”

Talsky said that it could be several months before Show and Mills are able to go back to work. A family friend has set up a GoFundMe for them. 

“I’m so grateful and we’re all so grateful for anything that comes. A lasagna, food, money, anything. It’s just helpful for all of our situations,” Talsky said. “We’re all gonna be struggling with physical and mental trauma for a while I think.”

After being involved in a boat crash, Talsky has a message for boaters.

“Be really careful on the water,” Talsky said. “It’s deceptively a calm place.”

She also said that the crash has changed her perspective on boats all together. 

“I boated my whole life. I grew up on boats. My dad had a boat,” Talsky said. “I will never step foot on another boat as long as I live.”