MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The Beach Advisory Committee for Myrtle Beach met Wednesday afternoon and several attendees voiced concerns for the lack of police presence on the beach.

Weslyn Lack-Chickering of Lack’s Beach Service is worried about employees being attacked at work due to the limited officers patrolling the beach.

“I have college kids who are working a summer on the beach and now they’re getting physically assaulted,” Lack-Chickering said. “And verbally assaulted that’s one thing — that’s a daily thing — but, you know, when we’re going to get to the point where my staff gets hurt that’s not going to be what we want.”

Jonathon Fox Simons, city manager, said it’s not just Myrtle Beach that’s experiencing the issue.

“We’re short staffed, like many police departments across the country,” Simons said. “So it’s being affected not only on the beach, but it’s also being affected in the patrol, investigations and throughout the whole department, so it’s across the country.”

George Lack, of Lack’s Beach Service, said he’s still afraid of what could happen if more officers aren’t brought to the beach.

“I know it’s money and I know it’s a headache — I do,” Lack said. “But I just have a fear.”