HORRY COUNTY S.C. (WBTW) — A plan to add about two dozen homes to part of Horry County has been stalled again because of flooding and drainage problems, and Horry County Councilman Johnny Vaught said the county can’t do much about it.

The rezoning request is to develop 23 single-family lots along West Perry Road across from Carolina Forest Boulevard.

Residents of the area have communicated to Horry County Council that there have been flooding problems, and Vaught said it’s because the original storm drainage was done wrong and it’s broken.

He said the subdivision was designed and built without committing the roads and drainage to the county, so it’s all private property. He said it’s not up to county standards, and since it’s on private property, the county can’t do anything about it.

Vaught said while the applicant of the rezoning request did not cause the drainage problems, they have agreed to fix it out of their own pocket.

“If he goes out there and fixes it and brings the stormwater up to our standards, then we can accept it into our system,” Vaught said. “If they want the road accepted into our system, it’s going to have to be repaved and raised and a couple of other things. They didn’t do it according to our standards when they built the road. It’s too low really.”

Of the newly proposed 23 lots, 15 are within wetlands.

Vaught said a community meeting is in the works where the applicant will tell the community exactly what they plan to do. Once that is done, Vaught said he would reconsider the rezoning request.

A date, time and location have yet to be determined for that meeting.