CONWAY S.C. (WBTW) — Plans are moving forward to bring a new state-run veterans nursing home to Horry County.

County officials said this will probably take about five years.

The county has already agreed to give land to the federal government to install the facility.

Horry County director of veterans affairs Ronnie Elvis said multiple sites have been identified for the facility’s locations but he is not able to share them at this time.

“Right now it looks like, there are three sites throughout the county that have met the basic criteria for the placement of the nursing home and it really just up to the VA to decide on which one’s going to be the most, which one is going to benefit the county in the future,” Elvis said.

Elvis said the VA looks at several factors when choosing a location for a nursing home.

“Proximity to a major hospital facility, they look at proximity to a major traffic thoroughfare,” Elvis said. “They look at a lot of different criteria even down to the point of how easy will it be for them to staff the facility.”

Elvis said the state, local, and federal governments all have to work to bring the nursing home to fruition. If everything works out, they’re looking to start construction in the near future.

“Each and every one of them sacrificed something in their life so that we would have the opportunity to live and work and think and feel how we want and whenever it gets to the point and time in their life when they need services in return, I think it’s our responsibility as a society to provide that specialized care for those folks,” Elvis said.

According to the State Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the state currently has four veteran nursing homes, one of which opened last year in Florence.

The website also said admission to these facilities is limited to veterans who have been separated from the U.S. Armed Forces under general or honorable conditions and qualify as a South Carolina resident who is in need of skilled or intermediate home care.