FORESTBROOK S.C. (WBTW) — The South Carolina Department of Transportation spent Friday cleaning out and fixing ditches along Burcale Road, two days after telling News13 the ditches were functioning properly when we reached out about a resident’s concerns.

Dan Capozzoli said last weekend’s rain produced flooding in the Longwood Lakes community that he’s never seen before. He said it was caused by road crews paving over a water drain next to the property.

Capozzoli said he was surprised by the SCDOT’s statement on Wednesday.

“I was flabbergasted,” Capozzoli said. “It was obviously not fine. Not only where they blacktopped the pipe, but further, down the road, it was just totally grown over and filled with mud and debris.”

News13 reached back out to SCDOT later Wednesday afternoon and sent photos of those clogged and paved-over drains. We asked if the drains were supposed to look like that.

“After further review of the area, SCDOT concurs with the homeowner’s assessment,” SCDOT Public Information Coordinator Robert Kudelka told News13 on Thursday after seeing the photos. “Our crews will be addressing the issue. We appreciate the resident bringing this to our attention.”

Capozzoli said crews started working on the area Thursday.

“Later on in the day I got a call from someone from Columbia in the department of transportation just confirming that that was going to happen, so we knew at that point, you know they were going to take care of it,” Capozzoli said.

Capozzoli said seeing construction put his mind at ease.

“People need to call and bring problems to the attention of the people who can take care of it,” Capozzoli said.

Other residents in Longwood Lakes said they’re grateful Capozzoli reached out.

“I really think that if we hadn’t pushed it and if Dan hadn’t called you guys, if we hadn’t posted on social media, I don’t know whether DOT would have taken our initial report and we did report it — one of the residents reported it through the proper channels and was told everything was fine,” Lisa Bowes said.

Road crews said they may be out there for a couple of days. They don’t work the weekends, so work could bleed into Tuesday of next week.