HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Prior to the pandemic, Monarch Solar did not have a supply shortage of solar panels.

But, Myrtle Beach’s fast growing population is now putting a strain on the company.

The demand for service is high but there are not enough products, according Rob Clemons, the general manager of Monarch Solar. He said the company has eight to 10 projects a day.

“One of the last two projects we did, we actually changed from one solar panel to another solar panel midstream because I just couldn’t get the original ones that we quoted,” Clemons said. “Unless the customer wanted to wait an indefinite amount of time, I needed to get ’em another solar panel that produced the same, just a different brand.”

There is a limited amount of materials that compose a solar panel.

Monarch Solar said the installation process takes two months. Between the time the project is sold to the customer and the panels are installed, the solar panels could be out of stock.

The cost of solar panels decreased but rose again once tariffs were placed on Chinese products to encourage Americans to purchase domestically, but the price hike fell on consumers, according to Clemons.

Monarch Solar expects to experience supply shortages the remainder of 2022.