SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Surfside Beach City Council approved a motion Tuesday night to suspend a dog registration ordinance until it can be reworked.

Councilman Michael Drake said the ordinance requires all dogs in Surfside Beach to be registered through the town, including those coming from out-of-town who are just passing through.

“Any dog within the town not registered shall be impounded by the town and turned over to the local humane shelter animal control facility,” Drake said of the current ordinance. They are also “subject to adoption or to be disposed of by state law,” he said.

In addition, Drake said he was told he needed an updated rabies vaccination to get the registration for his dog, even though he had the records from last year.

“There’s a three-year rabies vaccination now, and I was told ‘well, you gotta have that even though you already got a tag from last year,'” he said. “But the registration’s good for three years. ” ‘Well, we don’t keep up with that information.’ You don’t put that in the computer? ‘No.’ Then what are we doing?”

Drake said he expects anyone who has purchased a registration will get their money back.