SURFSIDE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Surfside Beach’s annual golf cart parade wrapped up right before the Independence Day storm kicked in. 

Monday morning, golf carts cruised down Ocean Boulevard between 16th Avenue North and 16th Avenue South. 

The carts were sporting their best red, white and blue while waving flags, blowing bubbles and throwing candy out to the hundreds of spectators that lined the streets. 

For some people, the golf cart parade is something that they do every year. 

“We come to support it every year,” said Fred Alley, Surfside Beach resident. “It’s good to see such a turnout of people.”

For others, the parade is a brand new family tradition. 

“This is actually our kids’ first time of having a Fourth of July parade,” Tyler Brown, said. “I saw they were having this event, so we decided to stop in and let the kids kind of experience their first ever parade.”

To add another layer of fun to the event, the golf cart parade is a competition. Judges are situated throughout the parade route critiquing the carts and determining first, second and third place. 

Surfside Beach residents do not mind the influx of tourists that flock to see the parade each year. They gladly join them along the streets to celebrate American.

“It’s such a great thing that the city, Surfside, does for our citizens and for our military personnel,” Alley said.